A Call for a Techno-Conservative Counter-Revolution

In recent years, technological development has enriched media consumers with new concepts of different kinds. Tweet, Retweet, Tag, Hashtag and App are new words in our vocabulary. Suddenly it is not less unpleasant to have 3000 followers online. As long as it’s about “friends” on Facebook, that is. Before I begin writing this essay, I […]

The Worst Is Yet To Come

The worst is yet to come. Brothers, I know that in these chaotic times it is easy to get depressed and it is easy to view the future as bleak. I have seen what they did to us in Charlottesville, I have seen how they slandered and defamed us in the media, and I have […]

Enter the MetaRight

There are legitimate reasons to desire to preserve a rational worldview. The chaos that beckons from beneath the established social and linguistic order never ceases its hissing. A violent reaction to understanding the fragility of the shallow forms of regularity and continuity we enjoy is to be expected. Not because a rationally determined world is […]