2075: Year of Splendours

In my favourite TedX talk, legendary philosopher Sam Hyde predicted what 2070 would look like. While certainly inspiring, it left out some clear psychohistorical insights which weakened the argument. Very little was mentioned of the geopolitics of the future, a glaring omission from what otherwise was the most erotic investigation into scientific truth ever. Therefore, […]

Unveiling the Spiritual Roots of the Pornography Epidemic

Several weeks back I overheard one of my contemporaries make a comment which has stuck with me in it’s truthfulness since. We were having a discussion on the nature of the pornography/masturbation epidemic taking place in contemporary society, when the simple comment was made that none of this would be happening if the state of […]

On the Flies of the Marketplace

“Flee, my friend, into your solitude! I see you dazed by the noise of the great men and stung all over by the stings of the little men. Woods and crags know how to keep a dignified silence with you. Be like the tree that you love with its wide branches: silently listening, it hangs […]

Earth Stops Spinning When the Sun Stands Still

two pairs six works input, beginning output, ends of things subject: to the seventh the beginnings again concept of the egregores hundreds of thousands emerging independently united but seperately casting jungian archetypes the most beautiful pottery a Hyperborean hero the Lord of Darkness immortalizing himself again but with the face of absolute Man and Woman […]

What has the gift of knowledge given us?

All Understanding uncovers ugliness, usury. Unifying utopians uncorruptable, unmoveable. Dashing Prophets promoted promiscuous personalities. Promethus’s powers persisted purposelessness. Do Postmodern proletariats protest phantoms? Puckering proudly, pondering paraphrases? If Egyptians engineered excessive egoists, Englishmen evolved ethical endgames. Tradition Rules reformed rednecks, remobilizing, romanticizing, recursions rose remarkably. If Caesar costumed cabals crafted carefully, Christianity calibrated circumferential conflicts. […]

Nuclear Energy and the Obstacle of Demographic Decline

Humanity must solve climate change (and its sister problem, wildlife loss), but the question of how to reduce carbon emissions and solve climate change is at least as hotly debated as the question of whether manmade climate change is real and how bad its effects will be. Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power […]