The Worst Is Yet To Come

The worst is yet to come. Brothers, I know that in these chaotic times it is easy to get depressed and it is easy to view the future as bleak. I have seen what they did to us in Charlottesville, I have seen how they slandered and defamed us in the media, and I have seen how this trial has separated the strong from the weak. I know how the somber among us feel but today I am delighted. Our future is bright and we will win if we stay on message and on guard.

Brothers, do you know why they (the globalists, the cosmopolitans, and others who stand in our way) hate us? I think I do. They hate us because we are the defenders of life. They hate us because we place ideals and our nations, our peoples, before our imperfect selves. They want us to be mindless consumers. They are materialists and want us to worship their dying demiurge.

Not only must we recognize them for who they are, we must look inwards as well. I believe it to be wise to do such a thing. Some of you may be guided by the dislike or resentment of the other, lord knows I used to be, but there is something greater to fight for rather than against. We are the defenders of what we believe to be true, beautiful, and good. We have to be fueled by love of what we believe in if we want to survive the times ahead.

Our enemies will so much worse to us than slander us because we are winning. Their views are based upon their deep despise for both logos and mythos. I believe that I will one day have a knife put to my throat or a gun put to my head for my beliefs, literally or figuratively. On that day that I will refuse to renounce my faith in my God, my love of my people, my love of my friends and family, and my beliefs.

Brothers, you are the defenders of life. Remember that as we head into the chaos ahead. I look forward to what’s to come as it will bring about great heroes, myths, and songs. The world is against us and I would not have it any other way! Prepare yourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually for the worst is yet to come. Never give up, never lose hope, and never lose faith, for the future is so bright I don’t need eyes to see it!

Aleister  J. Pound (Hateful Hapa)


Astana, Kazakhstan

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