Sinistra Islamica

Correspondence originally occured  in 2013.

– I’ve always maintained that Survival shall survive by brutality and will, but sometimes it seems that all the soft and complacent ones have almost smothered Her in an ocean of Liberal tolerance and bourgeois weakness. At least I shall become brutal if it so takes me decades, and then make the weak and meek afraid of me. Perhaps becoming an example for other weaklings who feel fate took away their destiny.

– Go forth and conquer. Go forth and die. That is the Way of Men.

– I might even consider suicide. If I can somehow get into the Caba. The hallowed Imams willing, I shall have the strength and courage to suicide-bomb the Black Cube in Mecca.

– The hell is that?

– That black cube in Mecca, which every Muslim ought to make a pilgrimage to at least once in their life.

– Ah, I know what it is. Why do you wish it destroyed? I care nothing for it, but I’m puzzled as to your motives. Do you hate Islam? I thought it was sacred to the followers of Islam.

– I am a Muslim. I am an explorer of the Islamic tradition.

– I thought so. So I was perplexed as to your reasons.

– And within that tradition, there is one group called the Carmathians. They were radical in both politics and metaphysics. They established perhaps the first proto-socialist society in today’s Bahrain. They were even vegetarians. So kinda like your typical college student, except not bourgeois pseudo-intellectuals. They got into trouble with the Fatimid Caliphate for both political and doctrinal reasons. Both the Carmathians and the Fatimids were Ismailis, but of different flavours. Today’s Ismailis are ‘neo-Fatimid’ and considered a heresy within another heresy, Shi’ism. In any case, the Carmathians stole the Black Stone inside the Cube. The Black Stone is what made the Cube so special.

– What became of them?

– Eventually the Carmathian sociopolitical project failed, the Black Stone was reclaimed and everything returned to normalcy. I wish to conclude what the Carmathians started.

– Ah. And what was the endgame of their grand design?

– I didn’t mean it literally.

– Oh. But I’m curious now, exactly, what were they attempting to accomplish by the theft of the stone that the you are planning on symbolically recreating?

– Remove the last thing primitive Muslims cling to. After cultural decline, colonialism and low civilizational self-esteem, the main reason Muslims obstinately insist that they don’t need to take any lessons from external phenomena… is their belief that Mecca is somehow magically protected from any harm. Oh, THEIR intention? I don’t quite remember, perhaps pissing the Caliph off? Possibly to delegitimize Fatimid rule, since it’s an unwritten rule that a Caliph is only acknowledged as such if he has possession of Mecca and Medina. And what makes Mecca valuable is because the Cube, or the Caba, has a black meteorite that Muslims believe is sacred and very, very important.

– Ah. I see. So your act of destroying the cube is not just a radical change in your religion’s cultural psyche, but a powerful symbol of rebellion against those who would keep the people in their backward ways.

– It’s both.

– I like it. I especially love the destruction of an idol for it’s iconoclastic overtones.

– Ironically Muslims consider themselves iconoclastic. As soon as you point out their veneration of the Caba, they go to great lengths of elaborate sophistry to prove it’s not idolatry.

– Isn’t that ironic.

– Whatever, it is womanly to argue. They shall fall by the blade and fire, not arguments.

– A philosophy I hold most dear.


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