The Intransigent Dogmatist

Originally written in 2017.

I formed an ideology in my head of how the world should work. I was fueled both by my desire to destroy all of the injustices of the world, and to exact revenge on everyone I envy and hate. I decided that my destiny in life is to rise to power so I can impose my ideology on the world and set everything right. I was only seventeen, I have plenty of time, I thought to myself. I spent all of my time studying in my room, reading books about history, politics, and sociology, trying to learn as much as I can. I became a new person, furiously driven by a goal. My torment would continue, but I had something to live for. I felt empowered.”
Elliot Rodger,
My Twisted World (2014)

The Intransigent Dogmatist is an incompetent Omega, whose only edge and advantage is his own verbose belligerence and overcompensating extremism on social media.

Practical extremism is intriguing when actually applied out in the real world, but a rule of thumb reads that the more extreme and impossible one is on the Internet, the more likely that one is a harmless dweeb offline.

This is true regardless of whether one is a reenactive National Socialist, an implictly white queer anarcho-antifascist, a pansexual person of colour steeped in Postcolonial Critical Whiteness Studies, or an Anglo-bashing National Bolshevik of Anglo-Saxon descent.

These people are our cannon fodders, to be lured to meet us in real life, kidnapped, waterboarded and forced to eat nothing but almonds or hazelnuts every 70 hours, while brainwashed in accordance with CIA orthopraxy. Their helpless, pointless extremism will be weaponized so that they can become martyrs for our Aesthetic Supremacy.

That is the only thing they will be good for, the only way for their pesky lives to have meaning, to serve the White Knight – to kneel before the White Knight – to bleed for the White Knight – to get cucked by the cuck, to add damage to injury.


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