New Sincerity Theory-Fiction

All the fragments originally written in Summer and Fall 2014 in the Criminal Calendar.
Pieced together and expanded upon in November 2017 in the Criminal Calendar.

What I am about to say does not concern the ordinary man of our day. On the contrary, I have in mind the man who finds himself involved in today’s world, even at its most problematic and paroxysmal points; yet he does not belong inwardly to such a world, nor will he give in to it. He feels himself, in essence, as belonging to a different race from that of the overwhelming majority of his contemporaries.
Julius Evola, Ride the Tiger (2003)

1.1. Contemporary Wahhabism is basically the Arab equivalent of Jacobinism. By this analogy, the Islamic State is bunch of Arab Montagnards. What Liberalism has done to the West, modern mainstream Wahhabism will do to the Arab world. It’s no coincidence Wahhabism has petro-dollar connotations. Wahhabism thrives on Capitalism and its iconoclasm and disregard for customs and cultural history will pave the way for an Arab philosophy fit for Liquid Modernity. This is illustrated by their willingness to destroy beautiful architecture in the form of tombs and graveyards, the reasoning being that they could potentially lead to idolatry, and then surround the Black Cube in Mecca with skyscrapers upon skyscrapers of office cubicles for Arabs to strive to make their delightful gulags. Wahhabism is Arab proto-modernism.


1.2. Since the triumph of Liberalism, we live in apolitical times, which also stagnates the vitality of Liberalism. This is so because Liberalism no longer has a serious rival to challenge and in relation to which prove itself. While dweebs envision a world of anarcho-capitalism, we are all under the thrall of arachno-capitalism. In the postmodern anarcho-capitalist egalitarian utopia in outer space, everybody will be phat and merrie and embrace their inevitable premature death at the age of 45, looking like a combo of Kraid in Super Metroid and the Glutton in Se7en. Extremists, idealists and romantics will be a threatened species to which no safe spaces will be granted, nor affirmative actions bestowed upon them – for greatness and skills at handling and actively seeking out harshness in life will be looked upon with suspicion, and suspects thrown into concentration camps, unsafe spaces if you will. Why care so much about being great? Stop taking the red pill, take a chill pill.


2. The notion of one-party rule is self-contradictory since the word ‘party’ itself implies being a mere part of a greater system. Better off abolishing parliamentary structure and make the ideology of your party embedded into and fully synchronized with the government in question.


3.1. Disregard Transcendence, embrace Immanence. Don’t read Guénon nor Schuon, read Deleuze and Guattari, then read and study the Coran and Cioran rhizomatically. Don’t strive to be a warrior or ascetic or statesperson, become a urban nomad, der Einzige and Le libertin and the Anarch in one. Disregard Tradition, acquire swagger. Pimpin’ that Evolian monocle while playing around with the dead old Baron’s rusty old wheelchair. WHEE! You can’t appreciate de Maistre without some de Sade, boykie. Gotta Ride the Tiger to the Far Left, then have meditations on the peaks of Stalinist Gothic skycrapers.


3.2. When I grow up I want to become a qutb, just like Iblîs, the Original Gangsta of Islam. My final solution is to blow myself up along with the Black Cube in Mecca, instead of growing old and weak and end my days on assisted living in Upper Kågedalen.


3.3. Life is only for reaching your maximum aesthetic potential, only to whither away like a flower in the basement, waiting for a lonely death. And to develop your spirit towards the multiplicity of afterlife alternatives available to you out there. And in the meantime to have adventures and extraordinary fun.


3.4. The slow, empowering, life-affirming suicide, that’s what this is. Towards the Faustian Jihad. By deconstructing the Zivilisation of the State, a Kultur of Revolution & Insurgency can flourish permanently as long as we maintain our spirit. Such is the real & true Permanent Revolution, in constant renewal of Itself and Its children.




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