Post-Memetic Prelude to Radical Normalcy

As Evola and others have pointed out, what is amusing about the Modern Age is that such radical “normality” as manifest in the above pages seems, to the Modern decadent, decidedly “abnormal”, another manifestation of the transfixation of values by those consumed by disintegration.
Bill White,
Radical Traditionalism: An Overview of the Aryan Faith (2005)

The memetic-compulsive nature of the Alt Right is but a double-edged sword. One one hand, the neofascists of the Anglosphere have successfully gone “down with the kids”, but if they are to properly mature and develop as a movement and truly gain respectability it both wants and needs, to truly become normalized beyond the larger subculture of “Weird Facebook”, they must go back rhetorically and aesthetically to their previous phase, the North American New Right, and build a new superstructure therefrom.

This begs the rhetorical question: is it not in the interest of the American Left, that the Alt Right never ascends from its arrested development? That it remains entangled in its not-so-mobilizing mythology of Kek, Pepe, Trollface, Wojak and the rest of the repurposed imageboard pantheon?

Even 4chan made fun of their own demographic, the notorious /b/tard who is both brutally, crassly racist and violently, sociopathically perverse in his taste for porn, hentai and ultraviolent manga and animé and Western comics—yet in real life a morbidly obese, socially awkward and mostly harmless petulant manboy, collecting risqué animé figures as a hobby to escape from harsh reality.

The threat of the Alt Right lies in its potential to weaponize already fascistoid (fascist-like, fascist-inclined) dweebs to become truly a physical force to be reckoned with, both by providing ideological motivation (Jack Donovan for example) and platforms and safe spaces, both online and away from keyboard, for learning bodybuilding, combat and and physical self-defence for the streets.


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