Prelude to the Northwest Outlaw Warlords

“Modern occultist currents certainly played a useful, if limited, role in my case, the role they generally play in the contemporary world: that of providing an initial starting point. It is then up to each individual who feels drawn to certain forms of wisdom, as mediated by contemporary ‘occultism’, to act on the basis of his or her personal qualifications: either to stop at the usually promiscuous and dispersive surface of ‘occultism’, or to somehow get in touch with the original sources of traditional wisdom, in the awareness that ‘occultist’, Anthroposophist and Theosophist speculations mostly serve to discredit rather than valorise traditional doctrines.”
Julius Evola,
The Path of Cinnabar (Integral Tradition, 2009), p. 27–28

It’s literary swag to have a bookshelf with the Chief’s Mein Kampf, the Genius’ Sex and Character, the Anarch’s Storm of Steel, the Samurai’s Sun and Steel, the Magic Baron’s Ride the Tiger and The Path of Cinnabar and the Captain’s The Prison Notes and several other classics for real men.

That night when I take home a dame who gets wet in her pussy by seeing my bookshelf, is the night I am initiated into monogamy till death us do part.

Not to forget the Faggot’s The Way of Men.

“Hela världen är full med stora banderoller där det står omöjligt. Och glöm aldrig att vi är de enda som kan riva ner de där banderollerna för all framtid.”
Yukio Mishima,
Sjömannen som föll i onåd hos havet (1967 [1963])

Interracial Sapphistry

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