What is Metamodernism?: Defining an Era of Enlightenment

buddhist-monks-at-a-lantern-lighting-ceremonyThose well versed in Frank Herbert’s novel Dune should be familiar with it’s possibly most notable adage: The Litany Against Fear, which reads in subtle variations throughout the book as:

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see it’s path. Where the fear is gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

This is perhaps one of the most contemporary maps to enlightenment in the western world. If not that exactly, certainly the cream of the crop in these regards. And it leads me to the various arguments I have had with contemporaries on whether or not a metamodern state has been reached within our society. Many argue no, that at best we have reached a state of hyper-modernism, or what I would describe as hyper-awareness to our surroundings. Everywhere I look I am surrounded by the prospects of fear and attachment to the material world, brought about by previous generations and their absolute lack of self awareness. With the morning news, with journalism, etc, etc, we witness the conduits of fear everyday. ‘Today there was a mass shooting {insert theories as to why, insert theoretical and biased solutions: it was the video games that did, it was our nations traditions, it was racially motivated it was etc, etc,}’ miles and miles of irrelevant information meant only to perpetuate a state of fear in it’s oblivious audience; conquer and divide. Who is responsible for all of this fear mongering? The exact culprit, in truth, does not matter. It is all a carefully mapped attack on the human spirit. It is all the prospects of fear as a control system, a blockage to enlightenment. The identification of this enemies’ physical appearance, it’s name, etc, none of these things are necessary. If one can identify the tactics by which the culprit operates, the culprit becomes apparent wherever it manifests.

In recent years we have witnessed the rise of a new generation, wherein, as the audience of this content they have reached a hyper-self-awareness in most aspects. Waves upon waves of late stage millennials, along with the newly sprouting seeds of Generation Z are no longer giving these mediums the power they have possessed in the past. They have been exposed to content of this nature their entire lives, along with a healthy dose of spirituality as its antithesis (introduced by the growing popularity of eastern entertainment mediums such as anime, and a liberal communication platform through the Internet which has connected them with contemporaries in their schools of thought) the lies which these mediums perpetuate are apparent. To them “the news” has become nothing but a laughing stock. Almost all news is fake news in regards to the human spirit and the quest for enlightenment, as all agendas are made transparent and the fear mongering or irrelevant information that is constantly forced on us is written off with a chuckle. The legacy of this propaganda has become a joke. In this my contemporaries are likely correct. We as a people are aware only of a need for enlightenment, and able to sense mimicry with great precision. So we sense a need for true enlightenment; not the trivial and partisan non-issues that would gladly go by that name in deceit. Therefore, with this growing ability to identify the enemy, which is fear, we take the first steps to achieving mass enlightenment: the only state which I believe could classify as the metamodern age.

We are joined here as the result of two previous generations: The Baby Boomers and the Millenials, both serving as a trivial counter argument to the other. The boomers were raised in the lap of luxury and in this we find the reason they are so obsessed with the amplification of non-issues. Everything from the devil created dinosaurs to millennials are killing the shopping mall. These are a few examples of the holy grail issues of their generation, in an effort to feel important enough to have real problems. The great tragedy of the millennial generation is that they actually felt a need to argue with them on these issues, no matter how trivial and beyond reasonable consideration they may have been. The boomers are, for lack of a better word, stupid, and the earliest of millennial were, for lack of a better phrase, stupid enough to try and reason with them. Therefore both generations have become nothing but a perpetuated distraction; a red herring to the truth which lies within our world. They recognized that somewhere, some evil force is set against us, that something is wrong with society, and something fishy is going on. But rather than actually deal with that issue they just became a part of it, constantly in a state of panic over trivialities, while the enemy, whoever, whatever it may be corrodes our world with fear as its tool of subversion. Now we are found here, having witnessed a half a century of these petty, anxiety, driven arguments, and as a member of Generation Z I find it has all been a waste of time. It doesn’t matter if millenials are killing shopping malls, etc, etc. What has a shopping mall ever done to help a man reach Nirvana other than serve as a hub for bad examples of those who have. What kind of pathetic slave to fear is more concerned with the death of a shopping mall than the death of the human spirit? In the boomers and millennials we find men that would rather look at the sky and nervously rattle off their theories on the malevolent plot which has birthed the chem trail, completely oblivious to the fact that there was once a time when men looked to the sky for inspiration, in pursuit of the gods, in pursuit of transcendence, something to deliver them from their quivering, fearful, human form. While men once looked to the sky for immortality, these two groups have primarily looked to the sky for justification of their fear. There are chem trails in the air, or our carbon emissions are too high and it’s eating away at the ozone, and it’s melting the ice caps.

We stand here now however, symbolic of a future hope, and while there has been much debate as to how a metamodern age could even be reached, or what it would look like; I say it would look like an age of mass enlightenment, where men are beyond fear entirely, and live their existence in a state of absolute sanctity. There is no guarantee that such a state could even exist on a mass scale by the frailty of man, and within us all I am sure there exists some nagging doubts, but as we enter this state of hyper-awareness, let us know at least that this spiritual journey calls to each and every one of us, and we all must take to it in solitude. And with awareness to this calling I ask one thing of my contemporaries: That we develop within our communities an expectation that every man should take this journey; a standard which must be met at all costs. And as the world of the boomer falls apart, as the millennial apocalypse ensues, and the ice caps melt, and the winds of Al Gore fall upon us in his wrath and tear our flesh, and demolish our houses, and kill the polar bears: the best response for our people, and for a brighter future (which these previous generations could not give mankind) is to remain calm and collected. It is their world that is ending. Ours has just begun.

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