Bootlicking, Backstabbing, and the Folly of Hope

It’s been a rough week.

Trump has made his most overt break-up move with the right, in the series of very poorly-thought out decisions, likely at the pressure of his daughter (who in turn is likely the puppet of her husband). While most sensible people, such as myself, bailed the Trump train when he excommunicated Bannon shortly into his presidency, there are those out there today who will still back this nonsensical 5D Chess trope. Whatever, it’s your life. Many, including Molymeme, have decided it’s at last time to black pill. You may have done the same. This is an excellent decision, since it is the beginning of the rest of your journey.

At birth, we take the blue pill. Some later take the red pill. After that comes the black pill (you are here). At the end of this nauseating slurry of meds comes the neon pill. What is the neon pill? It’s the abandonment of discourse as the content of politics, and the embrace of aesthetics. Kashif Vikaas, my venerable colleague, has gotten this already, and it’s what he argues for past the Doolittle-esque philosophical jargon – or at least that’s what I get when I play haruspex with his postings. It is the core behind my recent return and advocacy for the concept of Retrofuturism, which I love so much I made a group about it. I didn’t invent the idea of Retrofuturism, obviously, but I get how it works and I love what it can do for our political movement. This is because while I was away, I found and gobbled up a whole bottle of neon pills.


Retrofuturism is a simple concept: combine a future that doesn’t exist with a past that never existed, to create an alternative to the present. It’s cultural alchemy, an art of images and sounds intended to spark an emotional and logical response. It’s not a compromise, it’s a combination. It’s an alternative to the Spencerites and their Jewish bootlicking. It’s an alternative to paganism, Nordic or otherwise. It’s an alternative to narrow American patriotism. And, above all, it’s an alternative to the cold, bloody, revolting reality the mainstream neo-Marxist, globalist hegemony wishes to create for you to live in as a slave. It combines the values of anarcho-capitalism, nationalist libertarianism, and neo-reactionary fascism, while leaving room to the Soviet space dreams of the alt-left. It is an alliance without the need for subversion. It is the only road left to take. Join, or die. This stark truth once stated by Benjamin Franklin in his famous image must ring true again.


We ride to war, but not to victory – to steal from Elrond – and it is a defeat inevitable because of our own mistakes. We spent a year infighting, and claiming others were winning because they were inherently superior. In both cases, we were wrong. I left because I could see the end of the alt-right, and I swore to myself that I would return when I had a way to accomplish my goals outside of it. The rubble has been cleared by others, and I walk back into the game. The future will not be a fashy paradise, but it will also not be a Marxist one. It is not that one, us or the enemy, must win. If we will lose, it will be a Pyrrhic victory for the enemy, so that generations hence will gobble up their empires and form a new one, inspired by our cause. To steal again from Lord of the Rings, from Theoden this time: if we are to have our end, let it be such an end as worthy of song. In the course of this final cultural upheaval, something new and unexpected will rise. It is that unnamed, now non-existent faction that will win. And they will win because of your battles today and yesterday.

Do not trust to hope, for you will lose it. Do not trust to heroes, for they will betray you. Do not trust to vassalage, for masters can be cruel. Trust only in the righteousness of your cause, and the aesthetic for which you fight. Trust that no matter what happens, even if it is an apocalyptic finale, the monsters that sit on thrones today will suck bones from inside their caves tomorrow.

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