White Sharia and Why the Liberal Left Seeks a Return to Tradition Through the Untraditional

Most people existing on the more mainstream side of right wing Internet politics often poke fun at the absurd relationship between liberalism and Islam. The basic notion here is: Surely if these people were capable of simple logic they could see the dramatic incompatibility of these two ideologies. Liberalism parades itself as a system of tolerance, harboring within it all the major enemies of the radical Islamic state. Everything from empowered women, to homosexuals, to the many variations of trans folk sit beneath the protection of this political alliance; the nurturer of primarily effeminate minorities. For what reason then has it now begun to champion the Islamic community, which within many of it’s home countries would see the likes of it’s affiliates persecuted and frequently killed? The answer lies simply in the true driving force of every human organization, particularly those born out of post-modernity: the (quite possibly unconscious) will to power and stability as a seed to it.

Over the course of the last century the left has gradually disarmed itself, believing on some level in a fairy tail land of infinite peace and prosperity within the physical realm of existence. The right wing has done the direct opposite, arming themselves in all ways legal on a dramatically disproportionate level. Even now we can see that the predominant number of firearms in the United States belong to those who identify as right wing. The left claims to see this as a threat continually. The answer as to why lies in the unconscious nature of leftist degeneracy. Liberalism is, for lack of a better phrase, the seed of damaged goods. These were the children left with no direction in the chaotic freedom of a postmodern democratic society. They as a result of this period of hysteria have lost their way, and on some unconscious level seem to sense the unsustainable nature of their system; in a constant downward spiral. For the left there can be only one solution to their failures, and it cannot exist in the soft, diplomatic, and overall forgiving hands of the American right wing. Not only this but the left is so religiously indoctrinated by it’s own ideology that the unconscious nature of its follower knows that this spiral can only be escaped within the chaos of it’s own logic. It is for this reason that the left now champions Islam, and behind the veil its radical forms. To the unconscious force which drives their movement this is the only way these damaged goods can be sorted within the confines of their own logic. Islam is a minority, and the left is the savior of minorities. By allowing these individuals to infiltrate their society a solution to their degeneracy is introduced in a way that will not disturb the conscious aspect of their movements ideology, as well as acting with the level of force necessary to correct its flaws. This is all good for the left. They have become a blank slate by means of post-modernism, and under the boot heel of radical Islam those which could make the cut would obtain the power over their own lives, as well as their right wing adversaries they clearly desire in these efforts. But for the right it is a different story altogether.

Right wing society has managed to uphold a means of keeping their communities nicely sorted through all the chaos of post-modernism by dissociating from most relevant culture altogether. They have maintained a primarily balanced lifestyle in the comfort of their closed, often traditionally religious communities. So for the left to allow an element into society like Islam, which threatens their very notion of civilization, naturally does not sit well. The right is not entirely innocent here however, and their greatest flaw lies in the failure to provide a ridged enough solution for liberal madness. All this time they have maintained a diplomatic stance towards people they themselves constantly refer to as unreasonable. And while the left subconsciously desires the discipline through Islam the right has all the means to provide, the right continues to take a prodigal son stance on their madness, or in many cases a disowning stance altogether. This is problematic because the left is still a powerful political force, and within the United States they still hold a fair amount of influence. Enough influence at least to tear our entire civilization apart by inviting in hordes of individuals who out of a religious calling find themselves responsible for the atonement of these individuals through authoritarian discipline. It is for this reason that White Sharia might be one of the most important concepts in our society today, and while I cannot tell you exactly what it would look like I will tell you that there is no inherent need to convert to Islam in order to institute it. The only thing that is necessary is that the right wing begins to pursue a more aggressive approach towards reforming the chaotic regression of liberal society, with low tolerance policies and practices in regards to liberal elements that are opposed to the perpetuation of a balanced, civilized, and overall logical society within the western tradition.

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