Unveiling the Spiritual Roots of the Pornography Epidemic

Several weeks back I overheard one of my contemporaries make a comment which has stuck with me in it’s truthfulness since. We were having a discussion on the nature of the pornography/masturbation epidemic taking place in contemporary society, when the simple comment was made that none of this would be happening if the state of our religious institutions were not in shambles. And this is exactly the case. It is a lack of powerful and sacred institutions within our society which is to blame for this outbreak of degeneracy, and while so many people would point to things like the availability of pornography or the sexual liberation movement as the root cause, the true foundation of this issue rests in a substantial absence of sacred aesthetics within our culture. Under the heel of religions such as protestantism, as well as cultural movements such as post-modernism in that same tradition, our religious institutions have been completely robbed of aesthetic value in the name of humility or spite, and along with them our entire cultures have followed; the nature of our world resembling the DMV more and more each passing day. It’s happening from the ground up, from our spiritual institutions to our daily lives and it is an absolutely pernicious legacy to follow beneath. Under the bane and obsession of liberalism and post-modernity’s focus on the universalism of not offending anyone we have taken to robbing our entire society of any outward cathartic expression which might resemble the face of God. There are simply not enough sacred statues of the Virgin Mary, or the Buddha, etc, these things which in their aesthetic grace represent transcendence, and have kept their watching eyes on us since ancient times in our public spaces, and daily lives to prevent degenerate behavior. And in their absence we are forced to lean back on the organic beauty of the only powerful and sacred aesthetics we have left in this pathetic excuse for a culture which are simply that of the female body and human sexuality in general. Pornography is in many ways the only viable religious institution the post-modernists have left us with and it is pathetic. It is absolutely unacceptable. In a failure to understand the notion that men must worship their sacred origins and our creation stories have manifested as aesthetic abstractions of these roots, we have been left as a society with no viable gods to worship beneath other our genitals. So until we remedy the absolute lack of divinity, of sacred symbolism within our daily lives to surround us as a constant reminder of the profound and gloriously absurd nature of human life, of existence at large a pornography epidemic is inevitable, as pornography is all we have equated our lives to in this modern wasteland. So while many groups within the alt right, and surrounding it advocate for abstinence on multiple levels the only thing I can say as of now is what on God’s green earth are we abstaining in the name of? A concrete jungle? These policies are simply not enough, and the overall clinical nature of the alt rights current presentation, and secular aesthetic approach is not sufficient in truly bringing about successful outcomes. Until we start taking serious cues from the wisdom of those ancients that came before us, until we begin to push a culture that demands we see the face of the almighty in every presentational detail, from architecture to sacred rituals you can expect a pornography epidemic to thrive on as the only spiritual element we have left as a society.

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