White Nationalism Killed the Alt-Right

White Nationalism Killed the Alt-Right

Two years ago, I called out the obvious:

No longer under siege, the Alt-Right has some wiggle room. It can relax a bit and enjoy a little cultural dominance for a change. And so, what’s happening? The movement is largely appearing to lean white nationalist. White nationalism has become the end in and of itself for the Alt-Right.


However, by failing to realize that the Church is the only means to the only End, the movement will ultimately fail in the long game. The Alt-Right will eventually be called out for its misconceptions […] And it sucks, because the Left will be morally justified when they use that card. I hate giving the Left ammunition. The last thing I want for them to have is to justifiably, yet disingenuously call us out for some issue. But white nationalism is not an option. Fighting multiculturalism and diversity propaganda is a fine thing. But the white nationalists are going to lose this for us.

The week I wrote those words, I was correctly called out by a reader, John Collinson, for putting misguided trust in the Alt-Right movement.  What started out as an anti-political correctness movement has been turned into a branding iron utilized by the Left to shame and silence opposition.  Now, the only people who freely and happily use the term “Alt-Right” are the actual racists, Jews such as Luke Ford who have immunity due to their jewishness, and bloggers who live in Europe and suffer no consequences of American ostracization.

It is very clear this week what white nationalism has done to the Alt-Right, as it appears James Fields—a man fleeing for his life from a deadly Leftist mob, driving over many and killing one—has been found guilty of first-degree murder.  This man’s crime was worthy of a conviction of vehicular manslaughter.  But U.S. society saw fit, instead, to convict him of first-degree murder.  With glee, the U.S. legal system and the public mind as a whole will await the sentencing of this “embodiment of white nationalism.”

What his sentencing foretells couldn’t be clearer.

Constance Paige Young, who was also injured, said the guilty verdicts and a coming federal hate crime trial would “set a precedent that this white nationalist violence that has been present since this nation’s inception is no longer tolerable.”

White nationalist violence present since the nation’s inception.  That is to say, when the American Founders themselves created this country.  Make no mistake, the Left seeks to destroy the United States.  The New York Times article celebrates Field’s conviction as a victory against racial and religious hatred.  And yet, it is the hypocritical Left who despises the American heterosexual white male and has purged Christianity from as many public spaces as possible.

The Left has made it clear during the Donald Trump Presidency that they despise America as it was founded, and they do not like anybody who supports the country’s heritage.  Pro-Americans have become targets and are held up as responsible for every injustice conceivable on this continent.

It was tragic that James Fields ran over so many people, permanently injuring them and killing one.  I am certain these accidents would not have happened if Antifa, Red Neck Rebellion, and other Leftist radicals weren’t present at the Unite the Right Rally.  I am certain that if the local and state government of Virginia responsibly policed the event, this tragedy would not have happened.  Unfortunately, the truth behind what happened at Charlottesville will be ignored by the mainstream, just as was the murderous hypocrisy of John Brown’s debacle at Harper’s Ferry, shortly before the First American Civil War.

James Fields, Heather Heyer, and everyone else injured in that alleyway in Charlottesville were sacrificial pawns who are being utilized by the Left to “up the game” against the Right in this country.  The blatant injustice the Left is getting away with is just a taste of things to come in the next decade.  The unguarded alliance of people on the Right with white nationalists and actual white supremacists (I think there’s 12 white supremacists in this country) was a gift to the Left.  If there was any one single thing that could have helped out the enemies of the Right, an alliance with white nationalists was just the thing.

Now, to be fair, white nationalists  were early-on categorized as separate from the Alt-Right before Donald Trump was even elected president:

Nevertheless, it is clear that there is an intrinsic tension within the Alt-Right, which is not necessarily a bad thing. On the one side is the Alt-White, which is pure white nationalist and predominantly pagan or atheist. This could be thought of as the NPI or Spencerian Alt-Right. On the other is the Alt-West, which is omni-nationalist and pro-Christian.

As much as I enjoy reading Vox Day, he’s a bit obscure, and his lone voice doesn’t carry over from Italy to the wild masses of mainstream Americans.  Distinguishing the Alt-Right from “Alt-White” was not enough in late 2016.  And striking any kind of an alliance with them was a terrible error:

Because it is vital to understand that for the Alt-Right to be successful over time, Alt-White and Alt-West must continue to cooperate, refrain from internecine conflict, and continue to stand by each other in the face of the coming media assaults in the same way that GamerGate/KiA and GamerGate/chan did.

Allowing white nationalists to represent the Alt-Right was like adding a catalyst to a potion.  The chemical reaction was sped up, and now we have a churning, bubbling test tube of volatile chemicals—all ready to be thrown in the face of right wingers.  Neo-Nazi optics at the Unite the Right rally was a stimulating motivator for the Left.  And they will run with this narrative for decades to come.  It is the Left who controls school rooms.  It is the Left who controls major publishing houses.  It is they who will be writing the history books (thanks to their march through the institutions).  The Right has been engaged in an all-or-nothing battle for the past few years, and it was up to the Right to be as careful as possible—as a double standard has, is, and always will be applied to us.

Perhaps the Right in Europe will not have to dance on eggshells and make such careful distinctions in their coming counter-revolutions.  But unfortunately for those of us living in European colonies (Rhodesia, South Africa, the United States), we are on our own and fighting perilous battles.  Too bad we have the tendency to sabotage ourselves on a near-constant basis.

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