A Strategy for Restoring Sanity in the West

April 17, 2019 by Michael Sisco

The United States and the rest of world that has adopted the Novus Ordo mantra of Popular Government in its various forms, suggests numerous methods for effecting political change.   There is the more tasteful method that conservatives have been using, working within the bounds of the system through democratic means, which has in effect done nothing but slow down the constant push left. This has led to people on the Right, ranging from reactionaries, to racialist, white nationalist, traditionalist, and other dissident thinkers who stand outside the bounds of acceptable dissent from the progressive narrative to seek other methods.  Despite the novelty of being dissident to begin with, it seems that all have been affected by methodology of the post enlightenment revolutionaries.  We have seen the torch bearers of the “Alt-Right,” White Nationalists in particular, make use of the very tactics that the left revels in: protests and street activism.  These methods work well, and really pressure law makers to enact legislation to address an issue, but only when there are supportive patrons among the official truth organs that educate the masses.  The official truth organs include intellectual elites that control the upper echelon university system, the mainstream media, permanent government bureaucrats, and their minor and localized subsidiaries.  The infamous blogger, Curtis Yarvin, coined the term to describe these informal rulers: The Cathedral. With so much control over the mainstream media narratives, including the acceptable opposition channels such as Fox News, right wing demonstrations and activism can be portrayed in such a way that supports The Cathedral’s desired agenda.  Thus, it becomes necessary to develop a more systematic and subversive methodology to enacting political reform, which will only be as effective as its ability to win support from the very elites that it currently opposes. 

           Those who make up The Cathedral, function as religious priests.  They are generally only elite in the sense that they have real operative power, although informal.  Popular government necessitates that this power remains informal, in order to maintain the ability to perpetuate the illusion that the will of the people and consent of the governed guides policies and decision making. In fact, these decisions are made by academic elites.  These academic elites, operating out of the Ivy League system, like a seminary, have sold those who are elite by wealth alone on the profitability of the progressive agenda.  These secular priests are now able, through their deceptions, to leverage the resources of the wealthy elites who are supportive of their cause.  Those of us on the right, know that this is ultimately to the wealthy elites’ own detriment. When it comes time to implement the Utopian plan in its fullness, as seen in the Soviet Union and various other places throughout the world, they are the first victims.  For now, it seems that most lucrative corporations who are beholden to shareholders are fully in lock step with The Cathedral, as evidenced by their enforcement of political correctness via censorship, and even termination of employment.

           The vulnerability in the position of the secular priesthood lies in its dependency, on the philanthropy of the wealthy elite, both individuals and corporations. More than likely, the academia is so deeply entrenched in its ideology that a conversion away from it is impossible.  Therefore, parallel institutions should be created and ready to replace the current truth organs.  In the meantime, it is necessary and within the Right’s means to court and win over the influential wealthy elites, on whom the secular priests currently depend.  A reactionary restoration would be more profitable to the wealthy, at least in the sense that they would be more secure in their currency. Mob mentality may work for the left, but for us our target audience should be this wealthy elite.  They must be convinced that our ideas are better for their long-term profit and sustainability.

           How exactly should the reactionary right set about accomplishing this task? First, there must be clear solutions to solve real problems, both for the wealthy elite and the common man.  Ultimately, the support of both is needed, at least for a peaceful and legal transition out of our current governing structure. Although the Right is convinced of the truth of its positions, they need to expound on and explain them coherently in a manner that doesn’t offend the average person’s sensibilities. The left has become experts at manipulating meanings and creating new words.  The Right must be cognizant of this and strive to carefully craft its positions without inviting the wrath of the mob and thus becoming too stigmatized for the wealthy elite to affiliate with.  Credibility must be built and maintained.  When the Right builds parallel institutions, the standard of achievement and products must be held to the highest standard. Publications, online and in print, should be of the finest quality. If resources are slim, compensate with quality of content.  Great care should be taken to extol beauty.  Beauty is a powerful force in relations with other humans. Finally, we must stand on the side of truth in all our dealings, and present truth in the most palatable manner possible.  Be worthy – and beyond reproach.

           This brings us to what not to do.  For starters, do not directly offend sensibilities that have been developed by decades of indoctrination and propaganda. It’s not an effective strategy for anything other than being publicly shamed, ostracized, silenced, and punished. For example, making use of Nazi imagery or even using the term “White Nationalism”.  Anything that can be tied to our nation’s wars, civil rights, slavery, and anything opposed to the modern mythos just isn’t worth using. Certainly, the truth alone will offend many. However, language is still important.  The point can be made in an intelligent and convincing manner.  Shock value works only to amuse like-minded people and to incite the mob to crush you. Also, do not participate in public demonstrations or other means of street activism.  The media will portray you how they wish, and that determines what the public will think of you. You’re giving violent Leftist groups such as Antifa an opportunity to have violent confrontations with you.  They will be portrayed as the good guys if it is covered at all.  They often face very little risk of legal repercussion. You could face life ruining consequences for merely defending yourself.  Until the Cathedral is replaced, this will always hold true. 

           The course is clear, the dissident Right must begin to organize and implement this strategy now.  Regardless of whether accelerationism occurs or not, this strategy will prove effective and necessary. The wealthy elite must be converted and convinced that the progressive worldview is not profitable or sustainable. The Cathedral must be replaced, perhaps with an actual Church, or Church affiliated system. The right must build credibility, embrace higher standards of conduct, and uphold and utilize beauty.  The dissident Right must also use sensible and respectable language, and be cognizant of the Leftist distortion of language.  And finally, don’t purposefully use offensive anti-American imagery. Working together in common interest, with this strategy, someday a stable, secure and just system can be restored in America, and thus all the Western world. Godspeed.


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About Michael Sisco

Michael Sisco is a reactionary traditionalist, host of the Prytaneum Times YouTube channel, and the Hearth & Fire podcast. His goal is to restore to society, stability, order, peace, and sanity.

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