The Virtue of the Sith

            The Star Wars series has been beloved by several generations of Americans and people around the world.  It tells a tale which seems to echo the prevailing mythos of the American canon: the rebellions righteous fight against the forces of darkness.

            Most who view the films hold characters such as Luke Skywalker, Obe Wan Kenobe, and Princess Leah, fondly in their memories. 

What do all these characters have in common? They are radical left-wing ideologues and terrorists.  Anyone on the Authoritarian Right should recognize this easily.  The Star Wars story from Episode 1 to whatever number they’re on now is merely a mythos for espousing the progressive world view.  The Jedi Knights embody far left ideals and are presented as the heroes, whereas the opposite is true with the Sith.  This is accomplished with some crafty application of “good” and “evil” behavior and imagery. 

            Let us begin by examining the order of the Sith, and the Empire.  The Empire, according to the Rebellion, is an oppressive tyrannical dictatorship which usurped the Republic, committing atrocities to maintain control over its unwilling citizens.  Those of us red pilled folks can look to the reality of our own history and know that the Republic most likely wasn’t such an innocent ideal that it is made out to be.  Republics can deflect their perceived wrongs because of their ability to pass the buck. It isn’t one person, and they are difficult to be a personalized evil figure.  Whereas individual figures of authority within a hierarchical system are easy targets.  In the face of opposition and/or considering state failures, they become the sacrificial lamb.

            Brushing aside the supposed war crimes, examining the actual role and ideals are important to peeling back the veil layered over our eyes by the “rebel scum.”  The Empire and its Knights endeavor to spread and enforce galactic peace, stability, and order. Throughout the Star Wars universe, when an area is either on the outskirts or outside of the Empires reach, crime runs rampant. The Libertarian ideal doesn’t look all that fun now, does it? Safe and stable governance requires a ruler with a real absolute sovereignty; a leader who is accountable to no one other than something divine.  This is the Emperor!

            The Republic, however, is a mob rule, and it’s evident by the terror and crime rampant in Rebel held territories. The Jedi Knights are nothing more than a mockery of true Chivalry and Christian principles. Knights would never attempt to usurp hierarchy in favor of popular rule, and such a concept would be repulsive and obscene to them. The Jedi and their rebel pawns are akin to religious radicals, much on par with the radical Islam of today. They even dress the same, which is in contrast to the glorious attire worn by the officers and fleet within the Empire. 

            In this manner, the Rebellion is an affront to beauty and an exultation of ugliness. This is a tactic of evil when in direct opposition to truth. It’s observable within the behaviors of Islamist’s when they destroy ancient Christian landmarks, or Antifa with the destruction of confederate and colonial statues. Just as the Enlightenment Philosophers of the 18th Century used truthful concepts such as liberty and rights to inspire the revolutions, evil presents itself as good and seeks to replace all that is and was truly good. The “Rebel scum” twist this good and use it to appeal to the passions, arousing the most putrid behavior out of otherwise faithful and productive subjects.  Truly, the red-light saber is given to those who have been awakened from their delusional stupor, increasing their true levels of power. 

            Certainly, there is nothing wrong with watching nor being entertained by the movie Star Wars. However, the fact remains that if you support the Rebellion then you are delighting in the will of Lucifer, and this could very well apply to the way one lives their own life. You probably participate in your local elections, propping up the system of lunacy that opposes the natural hierarchy, as is upheld by both Emperor Palpatine and Bronze Age Pervert.  You may revel in the deceptions of the crafty servant of Satan, George Lucas and his new Disney overlords, who so aptly wrap spooky imagery and atrocious behavior around the characters that uphold nature and truth.  Even the color schemes are more sinister.  The Church is directly attacked by the appropriating of the colors worn by Bishops and various clergy. Black and Red are not evil.  The Black represents the humble death of the individual will, which the Sith makes in service to the Galactic order.  Red represents the sacrifice of life that is often necessary in the service of order. 

            Lucifer attempted to elevate himself to God and encourage the angels to do the same, this was the first Democracy, and those angels became the first demons. It could even be argued that Lucifer was their elected representative. The elevation of the individual is an attempt to glorify the individual to God’s level, and the desire to choose one’s leader is the very same sin of pride.

            The Jedi are slaves to their egos and oppose all that is good in pursuit of personal happiness. A Galaxy run by the Rebellion and the Jedi is one in which the pride of man would prevail over order, stability, peace, and justice.  Should they win, the tyranny of the mob will be unleashed onto every innocent person in the Galaxy.  Popular governance will be strictly enforced everywhere by violence, if necessary.  There is no room for disagreement when shallow “freedom” is on the line. 

            Deliver yourself from the shackles of deception! Stop voting! Root for the Empire and its reemergence in the new films. Cast off Satanic Pride and learn to bow to the divinely appointed kings. Long live Emperor Palpatine! Love live Trump! Power to Mencious Moldbug!


Divine revelation mostly.

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About Michael Sisco

Michael Sisco is a reactionary traditionalist, host of the Prytaneum Times YouTube channel, and the Hearth & Fire podcast. His goal is to restore to society, stability, order, peace, and sanity.

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