Actionism — A Mindful Modus Operandi for Modern Man

Actionism — A Mindful Modus Operandi for Modern Man
My name is Lennart Svensson. I was invited to this blog to speak about my philosophy of life. By a happy coincidence, it is also available in book form. The title is Actionism — How to Become a Responsible Man. And it seems to be rather popular. All Amazon reviews give it 5/5.
On Amazon we read of Actionism: “A wonderful read! It opens many doors.”
Then, what is it all about?
I’d say, Actionism is the probably only creed today advocating will. I say that will exists. All others say that will is an illusion. OK then; If you say that, if you deny the existence of will, then don’t read Actionism…!
Sum up your will, merge it with thought and you’ll be going places. That’s the gist of Actionism.
– – –
I am everywhere – and nowhere. I am everybody – and nobody. Call me – Actionist.
– – –

Actionism is about shaping up and becoming a Responsible Man.

– – –

Actionism is movement as a state, rest in action, action as being.

– – –

“Actionism is about summoning your Will (…)”
Thus it reads at the beginning of Actionism – How to Become a Responsible Man. I preach will, the importance of will.
And I’m rather alone in this. As far as I know, no other contemporary writer stresses the elementary importance of will. Thus, you have to read Actionism to learn the power of Will, Thought, the inner light and all that.
– – –
Read Actionism. And become a worshipper of Will.
– – –
“Mr. Svensson, may I ask what the formula is…?”
“The formula?”
“Summed up in one, short sentence, what is Actionism?”
“It’s this: ‘I Am’.”
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