The Age of Satan (Part 2)

The Age of Satan (Part 2)

I wrote before about how Crowley had stated that love is the law and how he had explained that this was in reference to divinely planned destiny.
LaVey seemingly took this phrase and construed it in an entirely different way, and this may have had many unforseen consequences which may now require actual political or legalistic interference in order to solve (not that I wish for such a horror).

As opposed to allowing one’s love, in a spiritual or philosophical sense, lead one to their divine destination using will, LaVey wrote of using will to love how one wills. While on the surface this may seem like a purely positive motion, there are both proven and potential damages to individuals and society as a whole that can come about through certain lifestyles.
Make no mistake, I have no personal judgement to pass onto anyone based on decisions which have no effect on any other individual, freedom of choice is optimal for all intents and purposes in my honest opinion.
However, it is an unfortunate state in which the human species finds itself in; a sex drive which can almost override all other drives (see: porn industry, primate sex drive stimulation via electrode implants, mainstream culture in general) while also having the capability of choosing to exert authority over their more primal instincts in order to expand their authority to the animals, plants, atmosphere, seas, rivers, lakes, forests, and even the land itself. It is through temporary ignorance of one’s lesser urges that one becomes able to manipulate matter in order to guarantee safety and nourishment, this is true for the hunter gatherer as it is for the banker; even the welfare recipient must fill out forms comprised of matter in order to receive their pay. It is through the collective subversion of ego that civilization is advanced (see: Greece, Rome, Egypt, USA circa 1787-1959~, Germany circa 1933-1945).

With all of this in mind let us examine some of the potential consequences of certain decisions which may have impacts far beyond what the chooser intended. Let us take the example of sexually transmitted diseases as a start since this is the most simplistic, readily available, and easily grasped concept I shall be presenting in this article (the avoidance of illness is pertinent in most healthy humans’ set of instincts). Promiscuity is a lifestyle choice which is linked with a higher risk of STD transmission. Many promiscuous individuals do not even intend to sleep with as many partners as they end up with, they simply have low inhibitions and by circumstance come to have many sexual partners. This may sound strange to some more conservative minded individuals, but allow me to explain; those with lower capacity to restrain their basic urges may end up having intercourse with a partner very early on in the relationship, which is not always seen as a positive by the instinctual aspect of the partner with whom this has taken place, thus the partner leaves and the individual once again seeks a new partner (usually quite rapidly as the emotional strain of the breakup or rejection would cause them to strongly desire that same sort of emotional high once again). In a culture such as our current one, where sex and sexuality of all sorts are promoted and no criticism is allowed without being accused of bigotry, many people feel pressured to have more sex than their instincts urge them to, while others just let their sexuality flow as freely as it can. Someone with a low impulse control or a high sex drive or a mental illness is much more likely to be promiscuous under the influence of modern culture. And in fact we have seen a rise in the spread of STDs over the past few decades.

The next issue I would like to refer to is the issue of children without fathers. Believe it or not, children require a mother and a father in order to grow up mentally healthy (if they were born without genetic illness), stable (this is somewhat relative, and is also somewhat related to mental health), and productive (necessary for one’s own success and survival as well as the furthering of civilization).
In particular, young boys require fathers, as the absence of a father figure in a young male child’s life indeed triggers a wartime response which itself is akin to post-traumatic stress disorder. This is part of why the federal government outlawed drugs, so that they could break apart minority families and cause discord within non-white communities. In fact there are many instances recorded within and by official sources showing dozens of government officials discussing behind closed doors their true reason for desiring to ban drugs, and of course it actually was racism.

I would like to take a moment here to note that all of these recorded instances are from before 1988.

Lastly I would like to cover the issue of involuntary celibacy. Yes, a highly taboo subject with a high risk of backlash regardless of what angle I may attack it from. Yet I will not pull any punches here.
Involuntary celibates (incels) are a group of people identified only by their struggle to attain a sexual partner. All else is second to this identifying feature (in regards to the collective “incels”). This issue seems to have many causes, depending on the individual and the circumstances surrounding them.
It is unfortunate that much of society attempts to oversimplify an issue as complex as this one down to a few simple and insulting bits of “advice” which clearly do not solve the issue. Observing discussions and debates between openly involuntarily celibate individuals and what can only really be called “normies” it becomes apparent that most people dehumanize those who struggle. I have seen attempts to push the conversation beyond what the vast majority of the populace seems to even be capable of comprehending and in such a compelling manner that I could not help but make similar attempts for the sake of playing devil’s advocate and stretching my own mind more.
Sadly, both parties end up getting shut down with the most blatant disrespect one can imagine, yet calling out this disrespect gets one accused of being overly aggressive or lacking in social skills or the classic “creep” which always comes out of nowhere and makes no sense given the content of the discussion up to that point. No critical analysis of the points made nor the logic laid out can be achieved by a third party, as the few people who do view whatever discussion or thread are either already in agreement with it or are busy dehumanizing you in order to stroke their own egos.
Occasionally this even occurs with someone you know and thought you could trust, as if they suddenly became possessed by a demon as soon as you mention you struggle.
As for the incels themselves, unfortunately there are a great number of them who are extremely aggressive and disrespectful. I have had many of them attack me over what I consider to be slight insults. Keep in mind that many does not mean all, and it does only refer to my own experience. I will also add here that the vast majority of incels I have spoken with have been very peaceable.

There are issues that come with involuntary celibacy, I would like to point out that most of these people are not actually complaining about how lonely they are or how they struggle, and many of them seem to be highly optimistic, using internet communities as emotional support or vents or even just plain old entertainment. Real, physical issues actually arise from involuntary celibacy. I use the word real here in particular as this can be demonstrated using materialistic methods.
The neurochemistry of an individual changes when they lack physical contact for long periods of time. If left for too long, this can cause distinct changes in the flow of electrical impulses in the neural pathways of the brain. Depression, anxiety, aggression, insomnia, and other mental health concerns arise.
Involuntary celibacy also contributes to a declining birth rate in the population.

The cause is not always clear and varies from person to person. Let’s take the example of an individual who was raised with a parent in the military, and was thus forced to move from place to place during their formative years. A child raised without a stable environment, in this instance referring to a single household, single neighborhood for the formative years of an individual’s personality and social skills, would struggle to make friends and would thusly lean towards the awkward and antisocial end of things. Not having formed the skills, and most likely having been raised by whatever media they had access to, such a person could easily weird out or offend others, which would lead to their rejection of the person, which obviously leads to their celibacy.
This is not something one can easily fix. This cannot be fixed with a shower or a haircut (how fucking rude of people to assume no one ever thought of this before), drugs cannot fix this either and in fact it may take years of hard work for a person to fix what has gone wrong.

Now one may ask themselves what any of this has to do with satanic philosophy. Well, in the satanic Bible it is essentially encouraged that followers of the philosophy treat others as they want, unless they are physically on said others property in which case they must show respect. Since the internet is a public space and thus frequently viewed as a street fight where anything goes, there is not much that someone can do in the event of an “average” person being randomly possessed by a demon and turning into a raging asshat.
This “treat others how you wish” attitude coupled with a culture which promotes violence and ignorance, as well as the highly sexed nature of the current populace all accumulate in a perfect storm of furious dipshittery which sadly only seems to make rates of both suicide and violent crime go up.

The original intent of Satanism was to rid ourselves of oppressive structures and if we can, stand up for those who are being oppressed. Yet in the face of a group of people who are not only struggling under an oppressive set of circumstances and a set of structures which oppress the individual’s attempts to change their circumstances, but are also being dehumanized while trying to do so, most LaVeyans simply join in on the fun.
Why not? You only live once right? And after all, you’re probably too worthless to leave a legacy on the earth in the first place so you might as well just self-fellate, right?

The adversary would disapprove of this behaviour.

I could literally write a book on the issues that satanic philosophy has inflicted upon the world. However, I will end this here and pick up the discussion at a later point.

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