“The Allegory of the Moon”

“The Allegory of the Moon”

Let us use a story and subsequent examination for the purpose of acquiring deeper understanding on various topics.

This is, of course, esoteric by its very nature and requires comparative analysis in order to ascertain its full meaning.

Long ago, the planet Nibiru developed humanoid life forms, with a much larger size than modern man. These life forms attained a technological state not much more advanced than our current civilization is. They realized that there was an issue with their atmosphere and they would need to seed it with monoatomic gold to fix it.
So, in pursuit of this end they sent their space program to a nearby planet that already had life on it. This move was most likely as an attempt to move the species off of Nibiru and onto this alternative planet. However, for whatever reason, they decided the struggle of adapting to the new environment was simply not worth it and they would instead use the planet for its resources.
Perhaps without even attempting, this species which hereafter we shall simply refer to as the annunaki for brevity’s sake, decided that the labor of mining was too much for themselves to do, and for whatever reason decided against artificial intelligence to mine for them. They created life almost entirely from scratch in an experimental species we shall call the Igigi. The Igigi had lifespans almost as long as the annunaki themselves and at some point decided to rebel against the annunaki for such a miserable and cruel life.
As fate had it, the Igigi came out on top. The annunaki, unphased by this crushing first failure, decided to play around with the genetics of some of the local species to find a more suitable slave species. Eventually arriving at what is now the human species, the annunaki revelled in their achievement and declared themselves gods. To the perspective of a short lived, highly limited, unintelligent primate this would certainly appear to be true as well.

At some point a faction of annunaki decided the enslavement of humanity was wrong and decided to liberate us from the control of the rest of the species. Strangely, the number of humans fighting was most likely vastly higher than the number of annunaki.

So the annunaki sequester themselves back to their own planet, and the Igigi decide to live inside the hollow of the moon so as to leave all other species alone.
It seems three distinct philosophies evolved out of the conflicts; the annunaki, having been beaten by their own creations twice have resigned to isolation at the cost of their own species; the Igigi, having been created and enslaved and having watched another species become created and enslaved, are also somewhat isolationist however they seem to be open to the idea of allowing every species to develop and expand in its own way; and the humans who have been left without leadership and have no idea what’s going on or what to do.

Of course, the Igigi probably have interfered with humans; after watching humans cast off the oppression of the annunaki they probably expected to see humanity grow and explore peacefully, only to witness every tragedy mankind has ever perpetrated against mankind, in real time no less. Why would they not take pre-emptive measures against a species so savage and brutal that it tortures and kills its own?
And for God’s sake, this species is detonating fission devices on their own planet, in their own atmosphere, against their own species!!!

If humanity were able to overcome its neuroses and psychoses and finally move forward as a species, perhaps we could make peace with our former gods and our current influencers…

Perhaps if someone were to propose to the Igigi that mutual interaction and peaceful cohabitation are actually positive for all species involved, and if someone were to offer the annunaki assistance in preserving and expanding their species and culture, the three species would be able to get along in harmony and advance together far beyond what was previously imagined. How quickly would the three unified species become an interstellar empire?

Of course, this story and the analysis therein have many potential applications. There are sociopolitical implications here, as well as botanical. There are also hints of methodology for advancement of technology contained here.

I intend to write an entire manual for first contact with extraterrestrial beings at some point in the near future.

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