The Left and Cultural Karma

The Left and Cultural Karma

Over the past decade a strange phenomena has revealed itself. The phenomena of horseshoe politics and the debate surrounding equality within civilization; said debate is clearly vastly more complex than anyone seems to present it as.

Upon observation of the instigating factors of this phenomena we easily recognize that the left began this during the late 2000s around the time of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which in and of itself was quite problematic as it used ineffective methods to achieve unclear ends.
The motion towards this hyperpartisanship and blatant hypocrisy truly began taking hold in the early 2010s after the collapse of the Occupy movement. At this point in time the feminist movement began conquering much of the left, presenting totally foreign concepts (at the time most people were completely unaware of social justice and intersectionality, these days pretty much everyone acknowledges the ideas are just Marxist drivel) and using radical and dishonest tactics in order to push their ideology and agenda on the populace.
Thankfully, most people are not thoroughly brainwashed out of the innate ability to think critically and so over the past several years we have seen the left shrink due to the rejection of Marxist doctrine presented dishonestly and aggressively.

With this said, let us examine some of the beliefs of the Marxists who for some reason still seem to believe obfuscation with linguistic manipulation will somehow be efficacious to their goals.

Firstly, the leftist “equality” doctrine. Leftists claim they support equality for all people. Yet, both simplistic and complex analysis of their methodology shows that the policies they propose can only serve to destroy equality and cause tension between various groups within the society.
The leftist will claim that all the failings of minority individuals and groups can be blamed on the majority group, in the case of the West this would be cisgendered, heterosexual, white men primarily. Without providing any evidence to support this claim the leftist will then assert that some form of discrimination is required in order to overcome inequalities.

Here is the crux of this issue in particular; in order for this claim to be true it requires sufficient evidence to prove both parts of the claim, both the allegation of privilege and prejudice as well as the proposed policy require a large amount of evidence before most people will be able to accept either. No evidence has ever been given yet the left continues to push the narrative, claiming that observation of history proves the concept and thus they have already performed their duty.
This new argument is not only fallacious but also quite revealing and the topic I wish to focus on here but we shall cover that in a moment.

History is history, and has little if any influence on the modern world. My evidence for this claim? Technically as I am negating a claim I do not need to provide evidence, however there is no way of proving that Henry the 8th’s 3rd wife’s favorite food has some sort of influence over my life, around 400 years after she died and several thousand miles of distance between the land mass she resided on and the land mass I currently reside on.
The leftist argument essentially rests on the notion that because people in the past performed unsavory acts against differing ethnic groups, this still affects people to this day. I am sorry but I am not responsible for something someone did 100 years ago, and just saying that something bad happening generations ago still has an affect to this day is not proving the claim, this is an assertion which relies on circular reasoning and misunderstanding of science in order to support.
So why does the left assert that people who were not even alive 30 years ago are responsible for the actions of people who died 60 years ago?

An answer may rest in the concept of karma. Karma is a spiritual principle which was named so by the Hindus in India. It describes the belief that what goes around comes around, and that the universe balances itself out.

When speaking with leftists you will immediately recognize that many of them do not seek equality, but retribution. Those who are demonstrably not simpletons who have been embittered by their own rational failures still hold discrimination as the policy necessary to achieve equality. They legitimately believe that some kind of special treatment either against the most successful or in favor of the worst off is the only way to fix inequality.
Speaking with both sorts of leftist it becomes apparent that they believe in balancing out the timeline of history, and the most explicit way the left states this is in the claim that whites must experience what blacks have, men what women have, straights what gays have, before we can peacefully co-exist again.

So, it is apparent that the left seeks out an immaterial balance across different groups of people. One does not need to directly experience something in order to understand it, this is what empathy is. This is part of how humans came to domesticate animals, by accessing their own capacity for empathizing with something other than self. Of course in denying this scientific fact much of the left proves that it is incapable of empathy and is therefore almost entirely sociopathic.

This experiential timeline balance is clearly indicative of a belief that if nature does not balance itself out on its own, actions must be taken to balance it out.
A problem arises here as this assumes the imbalance perceived in the modern day is unnatural, and still another as it assumes the solution proposed had nothing to do with the instigation of the imbalance in the first place.
All that is truly probable here is that there were wrongdoings in the past and the left believes this must be balanced out.

In the collectivizing of human beings, the assertion of demonstrably false ideas, and the demand for a cosmic balance the left not only proves it is irrational, but also that it rejects scientific facts and materialism.
This is extraordinarily strange as the minority of leftists still on the left propose Marxism as the ideal political system. Marxism explicitly rejects immaterial things, and openly embraces the notion that only the material exists. Of course this is unscientific and immaterial things are demonstrably real and do exist.
With that said, Marxists are embracing contradictory philosophies in order to achieve their end goals and in doing so have ostracized themselves even from potential prospects for further converts.

Karma was never intended to be applied across entire cultures or groups of people, and Marxism rejects the materialistic sciences of neurochemistry and behavioural biology in order to make their ideas work on paper. If the left wishes to succeed at any point in the future they will need to cease their idiocy and begin living in the world of reality as opposed to their hugboxes.

This was not as in depth as I would like to go but it is still presented sufficiently as far as I can tell.

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