Transhumanism and The Coming War

Many people are very conscious of the rapid pace of technological advancement in society, but most view it with optimism.  Others express skepticism, in fear of losing work to various advancements such as artificial intelligence.  Few however, are aware of the reality of the transhumanist movement; others view it as far fetched science fiction.   Several […]

The Cyber Threat to our Nation or State

The internet has dramatically changed how people operate in today’s society.  Hugely important business and personal financial management systems are dependent on the internet.  Personal data is virtually stored and used for financial transactions (Brenner, 2). In addition, it seems that half of the world’s populations utilize the internet for social fulfillment via various social […]

Search Engines And Academic Journals

Gone are the days when effort was required for research, even for more simple questions.  Almost habitually when the slightest curiosity is aroused one turns to a Google search to find answers.  Academics however, often need sources that are regarded as more credible than what may appear on a common search engine.  When this is […]

White Nationalism Killed the Alt-Right

Two years ago, I called out the obvious: No longer under siege, the Alt-Right has some wiggle room. It can relax a bit and enjoy a little cultural dominance for a change. And so, what’s happening? The movement is largely appearing to lean white nationalist. White nationalism has become the end in and of itself for […]

Fashwave Sectariansm Vs Vaporwave Hegemony

In a recent liberal hit piece, fashwave has been called “the suicidal retro-futurist art of the alt-right.” We are warned that this fringe art movement is proselytizing young people into a racist movement full of “hate.” The article presents the fashwave phenomenon as another mischievous creation of the far-Right, hijacking a popular genre, vaporwave, for its […]

Enter the MetaRight

There are legitimate reasons to desire to preserve a rational worldview. The chaos that beckons from beneath the established social and linguistic order never ceases its hissing. A violent reaction to understanding the fragility of the shallow forms of regularity and continuity we enjoy is to be expected. Not because a rationally determined world is […]