Half-Life & After-Life of Postmodernism – Part 5

Naked Snake: Emperor’s New Clothes Swedish cultural journals, such as Fronesis, and book publishers, such as Tankekraft förlag, spit out profusely translations upon translations of Continental Post-Thinkers – from the Archpostmodernists such as Foucault and Deleuze to Paolo Virno, Agamben, Mouffe and Negri. The craze for the latter gives a clear indication of the relatively […]

Half-Life & After-Life of Postmodernism – Part 4

The Metaphysics of Power & The Power of Rhetoric In the Swedish Humanities and the Social Sciences, Michel Foucault is extremely popular, praised for his “new” and more “interdisciplinary” understanding of “power” and power relations. But the question has been carefully avoided, regarding how much of Nietzsche’s “aristocratically radical” philosophy is hidden in St. Michel’s […]

Half-Life & After-Life of Postmodernism – Part 3

Is Postmodernism Leftist? What is, then, the political essence of Postmodernism? Does it have a coherent political orientation? Today, Postmodernism is associated – whether polemically or nostalgically – with the 1968 French Intifada, and thus often regarded as a Leftist project. The French Liberal philosophers Luc Ferry and Alain Renaut illustrate Postmodernism and Poststructuralism as […]

Half-Life & After-Life of Postmodernism – Part 2

Enter the Postmodern: The Return of Nietzsche as Nomadic Rebel Postmodernism and Poststructuralism took shape in an historical situation when the 1968 Uprising abated and Marxism – especially the Structural Marxism of “French Theory” – entered a crisis. The Structural Marxist Louis Althusser and his disciples had a prominent position at universities and in the […]

Half-Life & After-Life of Postmodernism – Part 1

It is amusing that Postmodernism today has become a pejorative term for “a normative cultural relativism, a distrust of and excessive skepticism against objective knowledge, exaggerating the role of language.” Others think that Postmodernism describes not the diversity of reality and thought, but instead aims for a “reactive non-position”. To Postpostmodernists [sic], those who think […]

Synesthetic Theory-Fiction

Modernity: Invented by the European, mastered by the Jew; deconstructed by American people of colour and middle-class second-generation immigrants to Europe; reclaimed by the Alt Right, refurbished by the Meta Right. We are still stuck in (Liquid) Modernity, as per the ‘echoing’ Zygmunt Bauman, but it is we who are the true Postmodernists, for we […]

A Brief Notice of Suspension from the Frankfurt School

AKA. A Long and Pretentious History of the 21st Century  – (as interpreted Rachel Haywire) Dear newly appointed rabble, While it has been a pleasure having you attend our fine institution for the past 3 years, we regret to inform you that you are no longer welcome on our premises. It is not that we don’t […]